Uranus in Scorpio

Individuals will often seem to be blessed with such internal powers that no hurdle can come in their way or deflect them from their decision. This rare quality about Uranus in Scorpio also displays in the individuals’ intelligence, relentlessness and in-depth study about anything. Being a good thinker, their interest in philosophical and psychological studies is as much predicted as their liking to physics. Also showered with a great focus, their determination stays intact always and the ability to stick to an ambition, remarkable. Full with enthusiasm, they like to break traditional methodologies and achieve what they have to. For that reason, they will continue to have a dispute with orthodox men and women. This obstinacy may be taken as their defiance, but they are uncaring about that. They continue to show character with aggression and an unmoving attitude and as a result, are likely to achieve higher success, be it through technical expertise or their brilliance. But risk of accidents comes endangered for individuals having Uranus in Scorpio, so likelihood of casualty due to that is very high and care must be practiced.  

These individuals are quite unpredictable guys especially when it comes to associations or relationships. A good companion must not be surprised if this person breaks up all of a sudden. That uncertainty is the typicality of guys having Uranus in Scorpio. But possibility of an ongoing dispute coming to an end by their initiative also cannot be negated. Intelligence is at its best when these individuals express their views about something therefore their association to professions such as medical, wellness or psychology can turn out to be beneficial for the masses. 

A word of advice for individuals having Uranus in Scorpio is they should have strong plans of individual advancements. Repression is a common thing they may come across from others, but this should not distract their attention, because if they concentrate on their work, the results can surprise the world.

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