Uranus in Sagittarius

Individuals with Uranus in Sagittarius have greatly imaginative and highly intuitive powers. Their dreams can be foretellers and based upon those dreams, these people can sense of any forthcoming dangers or mysterious happenings. This inherent ability often drags their interest in learning about secretive sciences. Such individuals can, at the same time, be too religious with an attitude to work for the betterment of mankind. Also, these people may travel a lot in search of wisdom, understand different sciences and find enlightenment. 

A defiant nature should not amaze people around them because individuals being referred to are quite unpredictable and may often display an unusual character. Implications because of this behaviour may land them into legal issues. Uncaring about other people, they like to live up with what they think and don’t mind disgusting people with their words and deeds. Uranus in Sagittarius means self-rule and many adventures of life. 

People with this combination in their fate may be often on the lookout to new inventions, theories and philosophies therefore, their inclination to study philosophy and science is very much evident. Habitual risk takers, Uranus in Sagittarius individuals are fearless and they may go to any extent in search of wisdom. They don’t like to be bounded to a particular place and want to enjoy the liberty to wander various places. These guys may also surprise people with their bounteousness. 

Individuals having Uranus in Sagittarius have very high faith in education though they believe in an education that liberates themselves and the society. Orthodox views are not their cup of tea. Spiritualism drives their thought process and they like to feel the fragrance of spirituality within. Though straightforward, they are a preferred choice of many to mingle with and discuss diverse subjects. Old religious traditions unrest them and they quite openly oppose such viewpoints.

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