Uranus in Pisces

Inborn with the prospect to learn secretive and futuristic sciences such as astrology, tarot card reading or palmistry, Uranus in Pisces promotes a natural inclination of the individual in this sphere. This liking may be the guiding force in his or her whole life. But in spite of the ability to make predictions about others, these people themselves are quite unpredictable and can often be tagged as moody people. Their thoughts tend towards sensing tragedies or mishaps impending to the world. 

Their excellent imaginative powers also make them good predictors but unlike many other fortune tellers, they are more likely to make the upsetting predictions or can be more of a bad news announcer. Besides, they have a deep understanding of wellness and prove to be quite suggestive in that aspect to treat people. A word of advice for individuals with Uranus in Pisces is to set a right perspective in life; if this is taken care, these guys can do miracles in the world. Evidences are not less when Uranus Pisces combo prompted individuals to change conventional thinking, conservative models and old-fashioned religious beliefs.  

Uranus in Pisces produces emotional individuals with a selfless approach and a strong will to help the needy and self-sacrifice towards noble deeds. This Uranus Pisces combo may also activate the artistic side of individuals and as a result, they also tend to develop a good understanding of music, stage shows or plays and also may be good performers. They are also advised to beware of the emotional side of their personality. 

Another word of precaution for these guys is to prevent themselves from wrong company; especially a group or friend circle involved consuming drugs. An addiction, as an implication of Uranus in Pisces, is quite likely to grip them, so better stay away. On the contrary, if they are in good company, they turn out to be a better resource for the society.

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