Uranus in Libra

Uranus in Libra means intuition, vision, attraction, art, literature, music and what not! Having a personality that draws the attention of many, individuals with this combo may also impress the world with their writings, artworks, music performances, scientific presentations, etc. Besides, they may also turn out to be good advocates as they have an inherent understanding of law and justice. But this understanding may help criminals or culprits more than often.  

On the other front, these individuals are likely to face family issues and their life partners are prone to separate from them for various reasons. Therefore, Uranus in Libra calls for divorce with the marriage partner but the separation may also happen as a result of an ailment or accident of the partner. This union typically stops an individual to stay faithfully committed to the life companion. It is not that their marriage does not succeed at all, but the limited they interact with their partner, the better. Sudden breakups also come as an effect of this combo. Their view about marriage is so different that they don’t hesitate having different companions. This displays a somewhat rebellion tendency about them, and are known to be that way in their lives. 

Being visionary guys, they can foretell well about a prospective idea and also logically prove why they feel so. But interference is something that they don’t like. This sort of a charisma about them attracts many people they meet and as a result, some strange relations get developed with them. Their ways of doing things may not sound familiar to those around them, but being short tempered individuals, people usually like to stay away. Uranus in Libra also indicate flexibility in rules and less stringency in a business union, set of terms or discipline because these people are like to enjoy liberty more than binding.

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