Uranus in Leo

Individuals born with Uranus in Leo in their horoscope grow up as tough guys and are known for their assertiveness. This ability coupled with owning unique ideas becomes their strength in making people work for them, as per their will. They often seek a profession in journalism, education or in the field of entertainment. These people will be usually seen changing love companions and they seem to be more interested in flirt than seriously dating people of opposite sex. While on one hand love be a matter of fun for them, on the other they may often kill ongoing affairs because of their own poor judgement. 

Leadership comes as a natural trait in their persona and ambitiousness being an essential attribute of Uranus in Leo, such individuals have strong urge to be called extraordinary guys or girls and earn a different identity in whatever profession the seek. This aspiration may usually force them to take unwanted risk and invite unforeseen dangers. Uranus in Leo also generates arrogance in individuals and unrest mind that is continually looking for plans. An egoistic nature is better kept away or the individual may only hamper his or her creative skills. 

Individuals experiencing the transit of Uranus in Leo may also be jovial men and women who are full of life. But the problem is because they have little control over self, they are prone to get deviated in wrong directions. As a result, the passionate and prospective part of these people may prevent from getting displayed because these guys are blessed with individuality that may revolutionise personal and social life around them. Evidences are not less to indicate how individuals with Uranus in Leo have drastically displayed their brilliance and brought about positive changes in others’ lives. All that one should hope is the passion of these individuals gets utilized rightly. 

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