Uranus in Gemini

Individuals born with Uranus in Gemini are science lovers and can be predicted as future electrical or aviation engineers or may acquire some other specialization in these streams. These people are multitalented by birth, are futuristic and have quite a modern outlook. Therefore it should not be surprising if these individuals have an inclination towards astrological sciences or other studies related to forecasting. Because of their liking towards literature, they may emerge as a multilingual person and further, their attachment with arts may earn them some extraordinary friends from certain parts of the globe. But an interrupted educational life is also predicted and this may negatively impact their professional life in future. 

However, this does not indicate that individuals having Uranus in Gemini in their horoscope are not study oriented. On the contrary they like to be logical in whatever they do and for that reason, from complex communication to writing on diverse topics, they have the ability to do justice with it. Though they accept change as an integral reality of life, mind’s inclination to stay logical may create some confusion in their thought process. To tackle such situations, they are advised to trust their instincts and maintain equilibrium in communications. 

Uranus in Gemini triggers a liking towards quizzes or riddles. With the characteristic of Uranus, adaptability of such individuals to new advancements or theories is so quick that they can even discuss about them at length. These persons can forcefully put forth their viewpoint. The individuals may also develop interest in psychology or in studying parallel communication techniques such as language for hearing impaired or blind. 

Thoughts that may sound unfamiliar or inappropriate to rest of the society may not sound strange to individuals under the effect of Uranus in Gemini. That’s why such individuals may grow up as a personality who may bring about such change in the society.

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