Uranus in Capricorn

When the transit of Uranus in Capricorn is seen, an individual having this combo can predictably be such a guy or girl who has high attachment to responsibility, is a go-getter type of person and is full of creative ideas. They may nurture a career in airborne or electrical profession. They are tough individuals with obstinacy and won’t mind an argument at any point of time. But even if they win an argument, the loss is all theirs because they hurt themselves in the process. They may fall prey to abrupt advancements in business or if they are in job, they will be one to face transfers, terminations or other similar changes. 

A good quality that gets displayed in personals having Uranus in Capricorn is to know their thinking level, aspirations in life and their temperament.  As a result, they maintain a fine equilibrium from inside. Challenges don’t bother them as they are quite immovable and therefore, setbacks cannot pull them back. Being visionary in nature, they can smell forthcoming opportunities be it business or some other profession they have sought. Another inherent characteristic that comes with this combo is leadership. For this reason, these individuals can be highly placed in organisations concerning public relations, and also can be relied because they can do justice with their job. Being born leaders, they are bold enough to make changes so as to bring about a desired outcome. These people are often seen growing up as political leaders or as entrepreneurs. Thus, they do something for the society in their lifetime. 

With Uranus in Capricorn, an individual will work for the betterment and security of the society. His conventional thought process can be seen when he designs policies or lays rules. People with this union are cautious in their dealings and this also largely impacts their profession.

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