Uranus in Cancer

Those having Uranus in Cancer are very faithful and patriotism gets well exposed in their deeds. Association with political parties and different organizations working in national interest is very much on cards as such individuals may have a life committed to the betterment of society, in breaking stringent social norms and in liberating next gens from orthodox thought processes. They may have typical stomach disorders that may often be as a result of acidity or indigestion and the seriousness of their implications may have to be cautiously looked into. Uranus in cancer also indicates a bad temper as the person may be known to get annoyed too soon. For this reason, they may be often seen separating from the family. It is not that they don’t love their family but this characteristic of having a loose temper usually hindrances them.

These individuals are also seen fighting civil cases in the judiciary and the case may be pertaining to their household property, which may lead to financial crisis or health related to problems to them. Being quite sensitive in nature as a counter-effect of Uranus in Cancer, individuals often find themselves moved because of social and political turmoil. This may further aggravate their already low patience level to result in more irritation. Becoming restless, they may either follow some unusual path or like to better isolate themselves, so as to find solace and freshen up in the company of own wisdom, earned through self experience. Their ability to react to circumstances also gets very much interfered because of a sensitive temperament. 

Emotions rule their thoughts to such an extent that some individuals may suffer from some kinds of hysteria. As a result, Uranus in Cancer may also give birth to relationship issues. This may be another reason for their parting from the family. If not taken care early, the individual may be required to get psychotherapist’s counsel.

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