Uranus in Aries

Uranus, which is known as the planet of creativity, has an 84 year long cycle. Last year on May 27th, the entry of Uranus in Aries is a one of its kinds of incidence. Therefore, it was not surprising that some very specific predictions were made by astrologers. Uranus in Aries clearly indicates beginning of something new. Innovation or creativity being the basic characteristic of Uranus, it is also said to signify emergence of a bright tomorrow with the help of creativity. Its entrance in Aries, the sign of fire, is understood as some forthcoming positive revolution or an awakening. 

Being a planet denoting science amongst its prime characteristic, Uranus brings about inventions from electromagnetic waves and its related elements such as mobile, TV, Radio etc. and also supports electronic equipments like computer. Whenever this union i.e. Uranus in Aries takes place, occurrences as never before are expected in the scientific discoveries, especially which the world had not seen before. 

But this merger also predicts natural disasters like earthquakes, torpedoes, volcanoes, etc. because bringing unforeseen challenges too is part of this prediction. Even the strongest buildings get endangered during Uranus’ stay in Aries. As part of other forecasts, there are changes foreseen at administrative positions, ruling regimes, education methodology and stable religions as also in medicinal sciences and pharmaceutical industry. 

This year i.e.in 2011, we will see Uranus entering Aries again in the month of March. Looking forward to Uranus in Aries this year, rapid changes are predicted. Those not ready to adopt to new changes in life will find this period a little tough but those who are internally connected and open to new beginnings will rejoice. This is also the time of old traditions getting broken and individuality getting expressed in new ones. But one thing is for sure, preaching and guidance of monks will continue to show light in this period of switchover.

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