Uranus in Aquarius

Trustworthy people with lots of novel ideas, not only wishing well for the society but also working for the betterment of mankind, get noticed when a combination of Uranus in Aquarius happens. As they generously go on helping people around them, success follows. They may have a good hand in mechanics and may peruse a career in this field. But this generous behaviour may also land them in trouble because of selfish people around them, as they don’t seem to be a good judge when selecting their friends. 

This union has produced people who bring about revolutionary changes in the world or who make things happen in their own way. The path they possess for this may not be necessarily harsh and they may even make silence work in this endeavour. Popularity comes quite naturally whenever there is Uranus in Aquarius. They have a scientific mind and can display their abilities in astronaut science, electronic engineering, computer hardware designing, etc. 

Equally good is their ability to connect with people since Uranus Aquarius essentially develops them as social animals. Uniqueness of their thoughts displays here too as they not only predict of some promising opportunities but also resolve complex issues of the society. As a person, they are the choice of many because of their inherent abilities to convince others about even the most complicated ideas. 

Their inborn innovativeness as a result of Uranus in Aquarius, on one hand demonstrates their intelligence and on the other, can suffice new inventions in the field of technology. They may also seem isolated at times but it is part of their temperament to work independently and is not their shyness. Rather because they are good at networking with people, their contribution serves masses as a whole with an innovative approach. They like to renovate social traditions and help people get rid of old ones. 

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