Sun in Virgo

Those who are born with the sun in Virgo are usually creative people and look forward to putting their respective talents to the best use. Virgo is the six sign of the zodiac and is also known as the sign of service. They have an almost obsessive need to pay attention to the smallest of details too. They are considered to be natural healers and help in bringing balance to unbalanced areas. They strive to attain a certain amount of perfection in everything they do. However this is also one of their strongest and weakest characteristic. For some spend their entire lives trying to reach that unattainable level of perfection.

People who are born with the sun in Virgo are fond of habits and often have certain routines which they go by on a daily basis. Their keen eye on organization and detail often flow into their daily routines as well. They are loners and like to travel their respective paths alone. This particular need to be alone in a Virgo doesn’t originate from a point of arrogance or selfishness but from a place of individual truth. They prefer to be alone to recollect their thoughts, reflect on them and to simply be themselves in mind, body and spirit. They also place a lot of emphasis on punctuality and God save you if you arrived late without a good reason. 

Mercury is the ruling planet of the Virgo sign. Thus, those born with the sun in Virgo have a very analytical approach to life. Before they perform any action, they will always judge the various benefits they can earn in terms of that particular experience. They will break open the plan to see every little minute detail and if the said action does not offer any benefit to the Virgo’s mind, body or soul, then they will most likely pass on the experience to those who can benefit from it. Virgos are rarely selfish and believe in a particular balance among things in the universe. They are also very critical and often find faults among others while ignoring their own. They also prefer to let their action speak louder than their words. If you like a particular Virgo, then you should know that gushy emotions and over sentimentality are not favorably looked upon by the one with the Virgo sign. The one born with the sun in Virgo may mask their true feelings underneath, but the love will always be there hidden behind the many complicated layers of the Virgo.

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