Sun in the Signs

The Sun in the signs is but a small part of the rich history of astrology. Astrological signs are basically representations of the twelve equal divisions of the zodiac. Throughout history, men have looked towards the sky to answer their questions. The splendor of the skies enthralled people all over the world. Astrology became popular in various civilizations from various countries in the west like Britain to the China

and India in the east. Astrology varies from the West to China to India. Though they all seek the mysteries of the universe, their understanding of the concept differs in certain areas. Western Astrology measures from the Equinox and Solstice points. During the Equinox, the sun is located at one of the two opposite points on the celestial sphere which is an imaginary sphere concentric with the Earth and rotating on the same axis and the celestial equator. A solstice on the other hand is an astronomical event that takes place every two years when the Sun reaches its northernmost and southernmost extremes.

The role of the sun in signs in astrology is a very important one. It is also common in all the different types of Astrology. Eastern astrology however, is different from its Western counterpart. Astrology in India also known as Jyotisa or Vedic Astrology is measured along the equatorial plane. Other notable differences between Western Astrology and Jyotisa are that the zodiac divisions in Western Astrology don’t correspond to the constellations that carry similar names in the present era whereas in Jyotisa, the measurements do. Chinese Astrology puts an emphasis on time and their zodiac operates on cycles of years, months and hours.

Both Western and Asian astrology puts emphasis on space and the movement of planets, moon and the sun through the various divisions of the zodiac. The sun which gives life to beings on Earth moves along a circular orbit in space called the ecliptic. The zodiac is a thin ring of constellations that travels along the ecliptic. It is also divided into twelve different signs that are 30 degrees long and begins with the sign of Aries. The position of the Sun in zodiacal signs represents the style, purpose and destiny of our lifetimes. It is also believed that the sun in the signs describe the basic nature of individuals born under a particular zodiac sign. It describes various aspects of your personality too from the good ones to the bad ones. The twelve different zodiac sun signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Knowing about the Sun in the signs will give a certain insight into your individuality.

Sun in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Sun in Aries
Sun in Taurus
Sun in Gemini
Sun in Cancer
Sun in Leo
Sun in Virgo
Sun in Libra
Sun in Scorpio
Sun in Sagittarius
Sun in Capricorn
Sun in Aquarius
Sun in Pisces

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