Sun in Taurus

What can we expect from people who are born with the sun in Taurus? Well, these are the type of people whom we will find it difficult to dissuade from their decisions. Once they have made up their mind, they will not budge and remain firm on their decision.  However, the best thing about these kinds of people is that they are not the type who would make hasty and impromptu decisions as they will surely sit and go over the plans before making a decision. If Aries is the “doer” of the zodiac, Taurus is considered as the “builder”. When a Taurus person constructs or builds something, we can be assured that it has a stable foundation and will not crumble that easily. This is because these people work untiringly and you can always depend on them to get the work done. They are also good listeners which is why they make very good companions. People who have serious problems and need a shoulder to cry on usually look for Taurus persons because they will definitely give that much needed comfort. 

A person born with the sun in Taurus is always in search for emotional security and earthly needs. The lure of having these two factors is what will motivate them to make them move. They always follow traditions and rarely want to try something new. Their mind is always focused on the principle that we can only do one thing at a time, so we do not expect them to multitask. Stubborn as they are, their avaricious and jealous nature may get the best of them. While they may possess a loving and tolerant nature, they have a tendency to become overly possessive, which is why they have to learn the concept of being detached from someone, or something or of simply letting go.   

Nevertheless, having a friend who was born with the sun in Taurus        is quite handy to have around. If he is a co-worker in a workplace, we can be at ease because we can make sure that any project would be accomplished because this is what these people do. They are so determined and hardworking that we need not fear of missing deadlines because they can be depended and trusted, and this is the virtues which make them attractive to other individuals. These people make very good confidantes and friends to have around, and we can entrust them to keep our well-kept secrets just like that, a secret.

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