Sun in Scorpio

People who are born with the sun in Scorpio are intelligent and have a certain depth that many find to be intimidating. They like to listen and talk in more while giving out very little. One word that best describes them is “Intense.” The calm exterior hides the turbulent interior well. The intensity present in them helps them to move forward in times of struggle or stagnancy. Whenever they reach a standstill, they will somehow manage to solve the underlying problem with their tenacity and strong will. Of course such intensity without a real sense of purpose can also lead to obsession and jealousy. A jealous scorpion certainly cannot be your best friend. But with a sense of purpose, they can call upon an amazing drive to attain all of their goals. They also make excellent athletes with their strong and competitive nature.

The sun in Scorpio causes those under the sign to become great competitors in life. They can also easily read the weaknesses of their opponents. Like a scorpion, they will be still as a rock and as soon as the right moment comes along, they will sting with all their might. This makes them a very dangerous and formidable character to betray especially in relationships. Scorpios never wear their heart on their sleeves like many other signs. They wish to dominate their relationships, sometimes even subconsciously and keep their true emotions covered deep inside. It might take some time for them to let you into their lives, but once it’s done they will be loyal forever. Due to this they may even appear to be somewhat enigmatic at times.

The sign is controlled by Pluto although in earlier times, Mars was assigned to it. This was so because Mars represent fire and energy similar to the characteristics of the Scorpio. Also in ancient times, Astrologers were not aware of the planet Pluto. With both of these planets looking after them, they have a certain amount of magnetism that just attracts others. While their determination and strength of will are commended, they are not gracious losers. They are however very wise and interested in the workings of the universe and its inhabitants. Their intellectual curiosity always keeps them calm and centered. People born with the sun in Scorpio don’t care much for superficial things and are interested in matters that are of a deeper nature like questions about life, death, sex and love.

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