Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius nature is one that is blunt, enthusiastic and sincere. They have a very cheerful attitude that can be quite disarming. Their carefree attitude is infectious and even influences others to let their hair down. They are quite fun to be around with. But their joyful attitude shouldn’t be underestimated because when the situation demands it, they can be shockingly blunt. Their bluntness can come off as a surprise to many considering their cool demeanor most of the time. Some might even misinterpret their bluntness and start seeing them as enemies. But the truth is that the Sagittarius never intends to hurt your feelings. They are simply telling you the way they see things. They also find risk to be highly enticing and love to go on adventures.

Those born with the sun in Sagittarius are usually friendly and generous to almost everyone. They have no qualms about spending a good amount of time together with friends and ensuring everyone of a good time. Their generosity sometimes makes them extremely light in their pockets. But the Sagittarius won’t care. Good times are priceless. They love physical activities and often get heavily engaged in sports. They have a very energetic mind too. Always eager to learn something new and explore into uncharted ventures. They are also very good at seeing things in a broad sense and really aren’t that fussy about small details. It is the big picture that interests them.

Their pure and unbridled honesty is considered to be a great asset for friendships as sometimes truth can solve problems faster and better than anything else. Sagittarians are not enablers and can easily make others realize the error of their ways if they steer into bad paths. Their truth is like a beacon of light that pierces through darkness to light the way ahead. They also adapt to change very quickly. This particular quality acts as a very handy survival mechanism in difficult times. Sagittarians usually tend to shoot first and only then ask questions. They are simply filled with an alarming amount of energy waiting to explode. Even when they settle down, there is always a part in them that just wants to travel and explore new places and things. Those born with the sun in Sagittarius will always live life fully, enjoying each day as it comes and will remain forever addicted to all the good things in life.

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