Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces is indicative of an individual who likes to build castles in the air and to live in those castles. Moreover, being an emotional individual too, he or she can get so glued to the imaginations that even the real world may be forgotten at times. Besides being a sensible person, the world may often appreciate such an individual’s sympathetic and generous dealing with others. A liking towards luxurious items is another attribute that can be often seen in these persons. 

An inherent inclination towards predictive studies and reading intrinsic messages is very much likely to come with individuals having Sun in Pisces. While on one hand they can read both forthcoming and previous happenings very well, their submissiveness may hold them from practically doing something about it, considering any attempt to change it as futile. This also appears in the form of confusion in their behaviour. But being a kind-hearted person, these people relate well with others and as a result are very much liked amongst their friends, family members and relatives. They at the same time are so considerate about others that they feel others’ pain in their heart. In an endeavour to share others’ sufferings, individuals having Sun in Pisces can find themselves in a difficult situation. This tendency needs to be taken care. 

Surprisingly, pessimistic attitude of these individuals prompts them to disregard rejection or failure and instead of taking messages from them, they also seem to get obstinate and make mockery of their bad experience. Over-emotionality continues to have its impact here too as those having Sun in Pisces may be seen distracting from their goals and preferring to be mean, letting the big picture go haywire. The need to maintain equilibrium between success and failure is very high here and calls for learning how to find pleasure in life’s everyday happenings. Individuals should also believe their quality of generosity and try to shift focus to help others or the underprivileged class of society. 

Sun in Pisces individuals may have deep connection with spiritualism and find the element of divinity within self and others. This helps them overcoming pressures evolved out of the day to day nitty-gritty of life. This is also important because these people may have to remain too occupied in their profession or their area of operation. Versatility forms a prerequisite in their character so as to manage work.

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