Sun in Libra

Those with the sun in Libra have a graceful nature and exude a certain charm. Their voices are often soft and soothing and just float through the air like the heavenly notes of a song. This quality is very advantageous for them as they simply love to talk. It is within a profession that demands the gift of gab where they shine the most. Librans are also strong willed and work towards their goal with determination and courage. Their wit and charm come of great use in their journey to attain their personal goals. But at the same time if matters demand a more serious approach, then they unleash the aggressiveness inside them to solve the problem once and for all. If they are convinced that nothing can be gained from a particular situation, they will have no problem in just leaving then and there towards new things.

Those born with the sun in Libra are also quite romantic in their relationship endeavors.  Some are outrageous flirts who love to have a good time. But they should never be underestimated as they are not how they appear. While a Libran would appear to be very flirty, he/she will always place intelligence as a priority when seeking relationships. Beautiful words and grand gestures are simply not enough. Along with the physical attraction, they should also share an intellectual rapport with you, as far as relationships are concerned. But one you share a relationship with a Libran, you will never find such a romantic and devoted partner. Even before performing any action, they will think to death about the various practical benefits that may or may not be exist within the said action.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Planet of everlasting beauty and grace. They love reading books, listening to music, flowers and perfumes. For within them flows the eternal grace of Venus. They require their surroundings to be clam and aesthetically pleasing at all times and they tend to instantly become unhappy that is not the case. Most of the times, they won’t even realize the reason for their sudden unhappiness. They like things to be peaceful and harmonious and will reject the need for antagonistic confrontations to take place if a more peaceful one will suffice. Though they are not loners, they like to stay away from big crowds most of the time. Within the spirit and mind of those who have the sun in Libra, resides idealism that can change the world.

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