Sun in Leo

For people with friend or relatives born under the Sun in Leo, they have certain traits which make them distinguishable from other members of the zodiac. For one, people with this sign are very stubborn, since they value their ego so much that they will not budge unless things go their way. These are the type of people who always crave for attention that they always want to be in the limelight and always want to make that good first impression on everybody.  They make good leaders and may be handy to have around since we can make sure that they mean business when they want  to get a job done.  Though their attitude may be interpreted as “bossy” and may infuriate other individuals, we can count on them that they will see to it that the job is accomplished. 

People born under the sun in Leo may make good actors someday because of their inclination for the dramatics.  However, we may encounter difficulty in having them change their minds because they usually stick to the concept of what they want.  If they have been offended, we should not expect them to approach us and make the first move.  They are not afraid to speak their mind and may at times, even assert themselves. It is very important for them to have the last say on everything, and all this can be attributed to their ego. 

With this kind of attitude, it would be no problem if the ideas which they have in mind are on the right track with what needs  to be accomplished. However, if the concept is totally wrong, then this will become a major problem because it is not that easy to sway them from their decision because they always insist that what they are doing is right. They have also the tendency to blow little problems into a big situation which is quite uncalled for, as they have a clear tendency to overexagerrate things. 

On the bright side, people born under the sun in Leo sign bear the passion and determination which is one worth imitating by other individuals. They know how to spend money wisely and are oozing with confidence.  When in a relationship, you can count on them to be passionate and devoted, but then again, they may have a tendency to be overzealous.  They also tend to charge into situations immediately before assessing it which can be quite dangerous at times.  

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