Sun in Gemini

What can we expect from people who are born with the sun in Gemini in their stars? For one thing, the personality of these kind of persons are very difficult to predict as it changes very often like a chameleon.  Being represented by the “twins”, these people are adaptable to change and are therefore flexible, and because of this very special characteristic, they can take on more than one personality. They can also easily absorb new facts as they always thirst for knowledge. This is why when we interact with them, we should try to talk to them with the same level of their thinking, otherwise, they will get bored and ignore us. Though the ability to adapt two personalities can be seen as a positive factor as it comes in handy during survival situations, it may also mean that people born under this sign find difficulty in establishing a personality of their own. 

On the other hand, those born under the sun in Gemini can also be quite charming as they think fast and like to talk a lot, which is why we can always count on them to strike up a conversation to get things going.  They always want to take a shot on all things which is why they tend to do several things at one time, which can be quite a problem since they may have trouble finishing things.  Since these type of individuals tend to take more than what they can handle, they usually encounter problems of focusing.  Sometimes, people need to tell them to keep quiet as they have a tendency to gab for endless hours and not give another person the opportunity to open his mouth.  However, because they are jolly and sociable disposition, they are able to still get along well with others. 

The ideal work for people born under the sun in Gemini sign are those which do not involve working behind a desk or being idle for some time, meaning, they must always be on the move.  Parenthetically, because of their wit and charm, not to mention the fact that they always want to be on the move, they can better be off with jobs involving sales, marketing, customer service, or even politics.  Moreover, they can also pursue a career in counselling since it is the “twins” sign, one side listens while the other talks, and may, in the end, give sound advice.

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