Sun in Cancer

How do we deal with people who are born under the sun in Cancer? Are they nice and friendly to deal with? People born under this sign are moody and very emotional as they often let their emotions get the best of them.  It is very difficult to earn their trust since, like their sign, the crab, the claws are shut which means that they are not keen on the idea of opening themselves to other people as they have certain reservations.   Though they like to do things, they make sure to that their feelings are made known to other people before they participate in something.  Unfortunately, because of their emotional nature, they tend to become “clingy” which is why when they experience pain in relationships, it will take some time before they would get over it.  Even at work, when people criticize or make any negative comments, they tend to take it  personally against their critics and may even hold a grudge against them instead of taking these criticisms constructively for their own personal growth. This is why when we annoy or cross these people, we can count on having them as enemies for life since it would be extremely difficult to earn their trust. They are very sensitive and may even hide their feelings if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Furthermore, if these people are comfortable with the persons they are talking to  there is a chance for them to open up their feelings to said persons because they would be creating a bondage of trust which is kind of difficult to do with these type of individuals. 

On a positive note, people born under the sun in cancer are determined to get the job done.  Moreover, even though they let their emotions get the best of them at times, it may be interpreted as an act of concern on their part for the welfare of others which earns for them high praises from others, thereby serving as a role model. In dealing with a situation of solving a problem, rather than use any intellectual or physical approach, these individuals make use of an emotional appeal, which at times has proven to be quite effective. Also, since the trust of these people are very difficult to earn, we can count on them on being our loyal friend who will always stand by us once we have penetrated and have been accepted to his circle of friends which means that they trust us.

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