Sun in Aries

They say that you can tell an individual’s persona by looking at his astrological sign.  There are twelve signs in the zodiac, each bearing different traits and characteristics.   For people born with the sun in Aries, they are said to be natural born leaders because they are always on top of the situation. They are basically always on the go, and are willing to take on new challenges unmindful of the risks. They are the adventurers who are willing to go to new horizons and uncharted regions, and this can be attributed to their energetic and aggressive nature. They are not afraid to try out new things and are willing to face the trials which lie ahead because it is their courage which makes them rise to the occasion and gives them the strength to face these obstacles. People born under this sign have the warrior instinct within them. They are also oozing with charisma that they are the life of the party and have the capability to make an otherwise dull gathering into one jumping with excitement. 

However, though energetic, brave and courageous, people born under the sun in Aries have to be always active, otherwise, if they have nothing to do, they tend to be lazy and sluggish and will not work at all. Furthermore, though full of energy which would make them capable of doing a lot of things, this also serves as their weakness, especially when this energy is misused excessively. People born under this sign tend to bite off more than they can chew or freely speak their mouths, unmindful if he has hurt someone because he acts as if he knows everything. In the end, he is passed off as an insensitive individual. While the warrior lies within each Aries-born individual, it is quite unfortunate that it is this drive which causes him to make mistakes and irrational decisions. In most cases, because he feels too confident, he jumps into situation unprepared, unmindful of the consequences which lie in wait.   

While those who have the sun in Aries written on the stars have that vibrant energy which can be used to make things happen, it is better that this energy be used to motivate and help one another since people under this sign are “doers”. Otherwise, this may send the wrong signal and people might mistake such action as being a “show-off” or being rude. 

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