Sun in Aquarius

What do we expect from people born under the sun in Aquarius? Well, they are known as the radicals or the rebels, as they are known to be stubborn and are not that open to have their views changed. They are firm in their decisions and we cannot easily sway or dissuade them from their opinions, most especially if these involve matters which they do not conform to or those to which they are not fond of. However, they are ready to accept the fact that there are some major situations which could change their course in life, but they tend to ignore minor or trivial matters because attending to it will distract them from the path they would take.  These persons believe in themselves and would most likely encourage others to follow suit, that the best person we can depend on is no one else ourselves.

Some have called them as the free radicals, since they do not want to be restrained in what they do and value their freedom very much.   They are not even afraid to go against anything to which they do not agree to and are not afraid of expressing their antagonism to any idea.  They are not known for taking the initiative in certain situations.  However, one thing is sure, if they make up their mind and decide to join in the bandwagon, we can count on them to be persistent and assertive as they would surely stand behind it all the way.  One thing that we should always remember is that if we want them to do something, we should ask them nicely. Otherwise, they would take offense to it.  Furthermore, they like it very much if we voluntarily help them on something without them asking for our help. 

Though they are very friendly and encounter no problems of getting along with other people, their privacy is very important to them that they do not want anyone to intrude.  In every given situation, the sun in Aquarius people usually visualize any circumstance in their minds first before plunging into it.   They want to use their mental and intellectual capabilities in dealing with different issues, rather than depend on their physical strength. This is the reason why they get along well with people who share the same intellectual nature as they do and are easily attracted to those people with unique traits or personalities, attributing their curiosity about it.  

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