Saturn in Virgo

Individuals having Saturn in Virgo are excellent at planning and quite conventional in their approach to shape up prospective plans. They will put their best foot forward with lot of hard work, elaborate research, data collection and maintaining all the necessary record. While they are very talented on one hand, they may tend to underestimate their own abilities.  Saturn in Virgo makes shy individuals, who want to stay away from the publicity and glamour. Public places make them nervous but this may exceed to the extent of psychological disorders. Besides being too orderly and detail seeking, these individuals should always focus the ultimate outcome otherwise their effort may not get its due reward. This further could depress them in such a way that they avoid taking up new assignments and leave them frustrated. 

These individuals may have high ability to set things right. They are concerned about environment and like to introduce innovative ways to resist it from getting polluted. Equally enough, Saturn in Virgo guys are worried about health matters and try to ensure that foods rich in nutrition get consumed at home and in the society. But their decision making and prioritization skills need to be honed because they need to understand that detailing is not everything. 

Severe digestion and intestinal issues are too likely to trouble individuals having Saturn in Virgo. But because this planet-zodiac combo also makes guys health-cautious, they stick to healthy eating habits and stay focussed on their aims in life. They may also have psychological issues and may land up in anxiety or depression. If they develop the ability to differentiate between matters of significance and that are less important, they may not only save time but also can get more happiness from their work. Learning to tackle criticism is another area of improvement for them.

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