Saturn in the Signs

Saturn in the signs provides definition to the character of an individual. It provides us with challenges which help us to grow up and provides us with the strength and courage to withstand difficult situations in the future. This growth comes in the form of practice and hard work. Many often have to go through various levels of trial and error before finally achieving their goals. It is like

a master training a pupil to achieve unparalleled heights. If the individual refuses to learn and remains stubborn to the lessons, he/she will have trouble facing similar situations in the future. But those who successfully stick by their goals will gather the necessary strength to withstand any difficulty.

Saturn in the signs represents the underlying structure and discipline in life. Saturn in Aries makes the individual confrontational. They often end up battling with authority. It helps them to attain better discipline in their impulsive actions. Saturn in Gemini helps to make people better and more patient communicators. Those with Saturn in Cancer often build an external wall around their emotions. They are also seen to have fears about security but they are mostly caring and wise. Saturn in Leo makes people hide their true ambition. They are very cautious and will have focused intensity. However, they can be ego centric and self centered at times. Those with Saturn in Virgo are thorough workers and perfectionists. They can however get tangled up in the details if they’re not careful. They are also seen as very holistic in their general outlook towards life.

People who have Saturn in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius share very different characteristics. Those with Capricorn desire status and respect. They are also very authoritative whereas those under Aquarius are more rebellious and often have quirky bits of inspiration now and then. Saturn in Sagittarius are mostly learners who are very committed towards their purposes and love to explore. They love to venture into new territories and don’t fear the unknown. They are also very honest and sometimes even hurt others with their rigid and brutal honesty. Those with Saturn in Pisces move towards spiritual quests and confront different types of delusions and illusions in their lives. They also acquire discipline to curb their wild and running imaginations. Saturn in the signs can either be an anchor that helps you to stabilize your life or can be a shattering blow to your life, depending on the path you choose.

Saturn in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Saturn in Aries
Saturn in Taurus
Saturn in Gemini
Saturn in Cancer
Saturn in Leo
Saturn in Virgo
Saturn in Libra
Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn in Capricorn
Saturn in Aquarius
Saturn in Pisces

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