Saturn in Taurus

Hard work comes associated to individuals having Saturn in Taurus in line with the reality that they never get something easily. Because of the fact that financial security is as much important for them as emotional security, they tend to remain straightforward and adhere to their set of principles so far as possible. Recognising the need to work really hard quite early in their life, they accept it as a prerequisite for their life. 

When you come across an individual with Saturn in Taurus, you may expect a reliable person, a trustworthy friend, a patient guy, an artistic fellow and a business minded person with political abilities. Their loyalty is unquestionable once their view is firm about a project or relationship. Hereafter, they just cannot be convinced to change their outlook. Given to discuss about something, they may take their time to settle on the subject but once settled, their will talk with such authority that it is a treat for listeners.  

These individuals may seem to be underestimating their own assets and though romantic in nature, they never gain perfection or complete commitment in love. This attitude continues in financial matters too as they may seem very economical at times. Surprisingly enough, they consider collecting precious things or accepting expensive gifts demonstrates their greed and selfishness. As a result, not only do they refrain from getting into such a situation but also like to stay content with what they have. Saturn in Taurus prompts another kind of insecurity in individuals that is they may lose what they own.  

Fortitude comes as a blessing to these people but they can also be obstinate and envious individuals. Being vision oriented, Saturn in Taurus individuals want to see a meaning in everything they do and cannot be fulfilled easily till they are shown the resultant of something. Regarding health matters, they are quite prone to catch throat infections and will need to remain cautious in that aspect.

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