Saturn in Scorpio

Individuals having Saturn in Scorpio will be committed to their aims in life but in the process they will be too impatient about results and will be more than demanding from self and others. Oozing with energy, these guys have a strong determination to stay in business and succeed. Also, they will not be considered as uncalculated risk takers. Rather their enthusiasm will be more towards working on realistic targets and in reaping higher rewards with little efforts. 

Very sensitive to their self-esteem, individuals with Saturn in Scorpio like to be handled with respect otherwise they may return the favour with equally bad treatment. You should not be surprised if you find these guys envious, possessive, short tempered and shrewd in their approach. They are more inclined to control a situation than getting driven by others. Their doubts are more internal as they fear rejection in love which may also shift their focus and distract them from their path. They also feel insecure about getting misusing by others in some way or other. This challenge can be tackled well if they ensure that their intentions are right and there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Saturn in Scorpio also makes individuals to hide their emotions and inspirations. Using secret methods to be in power doesn’t worry them. They also have an inclination in secretive studies and don’t mind trying hands in using some of those techniques. But emotions continue to be a challenging area for them. People may find them quite reserved and cruel from within. If they learn to respect others’ feelings equally, they can earn love of others as much. Meditation can teach them to stay serene and increase their efficiency. This way, they will also learn self-control. 

Genital organs may be an area of concern for individuals having Saturn in Scorpio. Optimism is something they should practice in their day to day life.

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