Saturn in Sagittarius

Intellectually high, you will find serious guys having Saturn in Sagittarius. They value education as much as their principles and respect people who have worked really hard to achieve something in life. Their own prestige has too much importance for them as they gain wisdom on their own. But their thoughts may often seem confusing to the world and therefore, these individuals will require efforts to show logic in their thoughts or principles. 

These individuals will be conventional in their approach and may not seem too open concerning religious beliefs and philosophy. Though they cannot be moved from their principles yet they are open to trying hands in activities such as gamble or lottery. They find thrill and fun of a game in this type of luck based activities. Nature cannot bring much excitement to them. Usually pursuing a simple sober life, they believe that are likely to get caught in some disciplinary act and get penalized. Therefore, they can be often considered as scared individuals, who are quite unhappy and confused. 

On the other hand, individuals having Saturn in Sagittarius must be having strong intuition. If they are able to win their fears, better aspect of their personality can come in front of the world. They like to enjoy independence but only with adhering to their set of principles. They should also overcome their insecurity by trusting others otherwise a defiant person within them may get displayed. When they have an open mind; they will not only be able to judge people well but also will have a better decision making ability. These people may also be placed at higher positions or can even be rewarded in their specific area of operation. 

Saturn in Sagittarius may have muscular pain, sciatica or liver related disorders. Yogic postures that enable gaining a flexible body can be largely helpful to them.

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