Saturn in Pisces

You should not be surprised if you see the pessimistic aspect of an individual having Saturn in Pisces, more than the optimistic aspect. They are so sensitive that may often feel insecure, be fearful or fall prey to some circumstances. Blessed with artistic abilities, these individuals can also be quite spiritual at heart and religious in beliefs. In fact, they gain all their strength from them and even gain positivity in their thoughts. 

Being too sensitive, these individuals can have a poor confidence level and need to improvise on it. All they need is to have faith in their capacity and be insightful enough to connect to their inner voice. This way, they can get rid of being imaginative and realistically face life’s challenges. Saturn in Pisces emotions may also be the resultant of previous setbacks of emotional nature. They should develop the habit to overcome the past and understand that everyone has bad memoirs. So it is better to accept the present with an open mind, rather than dwelling over past hindrances. 

Individuals having Saturn in Pisces may have a good tolerance level and they can be too sacrificing for the benefit of others. Though they are sympathetic towards others yet their love is doubtful. They should also develop a belief that everybody has problems and the strength to bear the pains caused due to problems. Therefore, their emotions are an area for them to work on. Attitude is another improvement area for them. Oversensitivity may often make them pessimistic, evolve deep rooted tensions and distract from focussing on a particular matter.  

These individuals may seek a career in health, religion, social work or may get connected to art. Their health may have feet related problems, which symbolize their weak standing in making efforts.

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