Saturn in Libra

Strong believers in team work than struggling to be on top, is a specific identify of individuals having Saturn in Libra. They will not only display brilliance but also remain impartial in their approach and consequently, be easy going people. This also makes them good at connecting with people but developing new relationships may seem tough for them. For that reason, they will require lot of effort to make their marriage successful. Their feeling of inferiority increases troubles in relationships. It is not surprising that they face lot of rejection in love and relationship and thus, also tend to isolate themselves from outside world. 

Usually Saturn in Libra makes guys stabilized and good at decision making but a fulfilling relationship is something they will always yearn for. Insecurity to lose their love mate props them lifelong. However, a partner can also be a status symbol for them.

As a whole, they should work on their networking skills so as to learn how to connect well with people in professional and personal life. They are required to be more responsible for their actions and understand that this is the only way they can take charge of their relations or professional affairs. This, on one hand will make them well organized and reliable and on the other, earn success and money for them. Individuals with this combo may suffer from intestinal problems, back pain and issues related to kidneys. On mental front, they are already strong so as to take decisions. All they require to learn is to find equilibrium amongst discipline and love, and apply their patient and tolerant attitude in whatever they do. A well placed Saturn in Libra will be kind-hearted, lovable and ready to serve others. Such individuals’ artistic qualities will also display well and they will get the desired serenity from the relationship with their partner. 

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