Saturn in Leo

Here are some really ambitious guys, full of creativity, an urge to be identified for their abilities and desire to be placed at high positions. They yearn too much form those around them as much as they yearn from self. Saturn in Leo makes serious individuals who are less inclined towards lighter side of life and like to lead a life isolated from the world. Actually this tendency is the result of their inferiority complex and underestimating own goals. Consequently, the attempts they make may go in vein. Moreover, they may invite envy in their behaviour and may become a reason of hatred of others. These individuals are poor in connecting with people, which becomes a big challenge for them to overcome. 

They might not have a liking to be in the limelight but they earn fame because of their simplicity. They also have the ability to be a politician but they like to remain down to earth. Individuals having Saturn in Leo are inherently blessed with deep insight about spiritualism and are gifted with predictive abilities. Their inclination towards understanding supernatural powers and resolving complex questions of life also becomes very much evident as they spend a major portion of their life studying about them. Generosity of these individuals makes them loveable for many people and consequently, they may be gifted goodies or showered monetarily by those who love them. 

Health challenges lie in the matters related to heart and back and therefore, sticking to a good exercise schedule is very much desirable. Egoism is another aspect they will need to work otherwise this may obstruct them from maturing in life. Kindness of others impresses them and motivates them to be equally kind and develop the personality of as a good individual.

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