Saturn in Gemini

Excellent reasoning quality with logic and a systematic approach are the abilities of an individual that get displayed when he or she has Saturn in Gemini. These individuals settle well with various types of circumstances and are blessed with an inner strength to stay calm and composed, whatever difficulty may come. Though some obstacles may exist with respect to their learning at younger ages, yet as they go on getting adept to circumstances, they are a master with it. Communication comes as a challenge for them, be it day to day interactions or delivering a speech on a specific subject. This needs to be taken care of. 

Detailing is in their nature and their ability to gather vast information makes them good businessman as this ability not only reduces their efforts but also helps them earn good profits. This habit also makes them a well structured and orderly person.  An interesting fact about individuals having Saturn in Gemini is that they might be oozing with new ideas every time but they are poor at taking risks and therefore, may not try to implement their ideas. Self-doubt can be seen as another trait in their personality and though they leading a stable life, they seem to be lonely at times. A word of advice for those having Saturn in Gemini is to practice optimism and believe in their abilities.  

On the health front, lungs are as much an area of concern as throat. To learn to manage stress, they should join a naturopathic health program such as Yoga. Another important aspect they will have to learn is to face challenges with a positive frame of mind because Saturn in Gemini triggers negative attitude in individuals. They should also learn to network so as to gain physical and mental strength for them on the work as well as family front. 

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