Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn may indicate inherently leadership skills, a strong urge to be on top and signify individuals who have planning skills, are well organized and committed to their profession. These are reliable guys with capability to be placed at higher positions in organisations. In spite of being good leaders, their delegation skills may not be up to the mark and for that reason, you may find them doing more work than their subordinates. In fact, they believe that their set of standards is so high that any tom, dick & harry cannot match up to that standard. You may find them on higher posts in public sector organisations as well as at corporate houses. 

They like to keep profession away from personal life and for that reason their emoticons don’t interfere in their work. They themselves are very organized, disciplined and hard working and therefore, consistency can be seen in their efforts as well as in achievements. But it cannot be denied either that they like to work not only for themselves but for others too. Interestingly, it is their insecurity behind all the hard efforts they put that they may get rejected or not get identified. They want all the time to be in control and drive others. For this reason, family and personal affairs take a backstage for them. 

Another trait that can be observed in the personality of individuals having Saturn in Capricorn is extra-cautiousness and being elaborative. They can also have good communication skills and be a good orator. Staying unbiased is part of their behaviour which is why they best suite in the role of a leader. They are also very vision oriented and committed to their responsibilities. 

Health may concern them with respect to problems with knee pain and skin. Though they are tough and inherently have a great fortitude, an exercise schedule must help them stay fit and continue to work hard, which is their basic inclination.

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