Saturn in Cancer

Love for home and attachment to the roots come promised when Saturn in Cancer union occurs. Undoubtedly, these individuals are quite emotional but they at the same time are good at concealing their innermost feelings. Their attachment to the family is so high that they may let go a good prospect. They may not show off their love for the family but they do have it. Emotions in their nature also can make them pessimistic and nervous about something. They also tend to feel insecure and often scared. Over-sentimentality may turn out to be an area of improvement for them. 

A peculiarity about Saturn in Cancer individuals is the feeling that they are not getting the love they deserve. This way they seem to rely on their loved ones to continually convince them that they love them. This factor of incompleteness goes on in other facets too as they feel that accumulation of possessions, property, etc. is not yet full. But give them one instance to realize their strength and abilities and they will not only display confidence but also go ahead and accomplish whatever they desire for. Their feeling of security very much lies in owning a house and having their own family. 

Mistakes committed in their early ages may keep them disappointed till later years of life and this may hold them back in the process of growth. But they have the ability to perform well in tough circumstances.  

Mental issues may arise in the form of depression, as a result of being too sensitive but physical problems, related to abdomen and chest, are on cards too. Insecurity may often prompt them to isolate themselves from the world and this too can be the result of past emotional setbacks. The earlier they mature the better for their growth and to overcome fears emerged out of oversensitivity.

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