Saturn in Aquarius

If you come across someone who is deeply interested in science, have great focus, have lots of unique ideas yet somewhat conventional and has a heart for the society, you can be sure that the individual has Saturn in Aquarius. Also identified as good planners, these people are kind-hearted and reliable friends. They remain unbiased in their approach and cool minded. They may seem isolated from the world but deep down, they have the urge to connect to a community. They live with a sort of superiority complex for which, people find them hard to accept. 

They need to open up their mind heart if they want to mingle with others and get happiness. But the problem is that in the attempt to seem different from others, they create a shell around themselves, making it difficult for others to interact openly with them. If they really want to overcome this problem, they need to first believe that they can contribute creatively in the group and take initiative to put visible efforts towards mass betterment. They have to understand that even the best idea is of no use if it does not have someone to listen and appreciate it. Howsoever imaginative or fancied an idea may seem, public interaction is what they should look for. This happens to be a challenging area for them. 

Further, if they want to succeed in life, they need to display their right intentions in front of the world as also should be open to receive some criticism. Developing this tolerance will not only teach them applying practicality in their efforts but also help them stay happier than ever. Saturn in Aquarius may land individuals in problems related to nervous system and circulatory disorders. Their heart may also need proper care, as all these problems may be hazardous for life. 

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