Pluto in Virgo

People who have Pluto in Virgo are referred to as the Generation Jones and were born between the years 1956-1972. They simply cannot leave things alone if they feel that they can bring improvement upon it. They normally have a very inventive nature. These people like to communicate in their own unique way and this may be a bit of an obsession with these folks. You will find that they are extremely good as organizers. In fact, at times they get so involved in the task at hand that they forget the emotional and ethical selves in the entire process.

People born with Pluto in Virgo are conscious about their health and work. They hate to be in the limelight and often prefer to be the silent workers in the background. These people like to involve themselves in activities to save the environment and the world. They like to put things right and are not afraid to start from the ground up to create healing for everyone around, the earth and also themselves. They are most happy and content when they get to know that they did their best.

Those who have Pluto in Virgo are very analytical and over critical. But at the same time, they do fear criticism from others. These people like to be of service to humanity. You will find that these people are practical; they thoroughly enjoy art and other visual treats. They have keen interest in science, modern technology, and healing. They seek precision in all things. Sometimes, they might appear cynical to the outsider.

These people are normally modest and self-effacing. When they are given a task they make sure that it gets completed within the time limit and are known to be very methodical. You will observe that they like to adhere to rules and regulations. They have an obsession for cleanliness and you will always find such people dressed neatly. They like security and are the dependable kind of people. If you have a friend who has Pluto in Virgo, you can consider yourself very lucky as they will always be there beside you. A "Friend in need is a friend indeed" holds true for these people.

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