Pluto in Taurus

Pluto was in Taurus in between 1853-1884 and it will return in 2098. People who have Pluto in Taurus are known for their tenacity and persistence. The goals are clear in their mind and they work towards its fulfillment. It is not easy to make them change their mind once they have decided to do something. Unless, the task is accomplished they will not rest. It is one of their positive qualities and due to this trait they can achieve the most impossible tasks on their own.

In comparison to other star sign people, they have the natural talent at handling resources. To achieve their goals, they can manipulate their environment accordingly so that their needs are met. They are materialistic to a great extent and once they possess something they will not let it go easily. Many times when things do not work in their favor they have the unique talent to bring change in such a way that it works to their advantage. In today's world a successful person needs to know how to spot opportunities to network with others in order to achieve their goals and Taurus Pluto can do that effortlessly. Due to this, they gain material things.

They will have to be careful or else this can actually become an obsessive behavior. They need to learn to be content with what they have or else they will be running for more and still not be contented. Today we find that everyone wants wealth and money. And they are willing to pay any price for it even if it means ruining their health and mental peace in the process. They have to control their endless desires and learn to be happy with the things they have. They need to slow down a bit and try to gain some perspective.

Inner peace comes from satisfaction and if they are happy with little, it would do them. Who would not like to have the riches of the world, but then that should not become an obsession as it is a race that never ends. One should work to gain material possessions, but at the same time have control their desires and wants.

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