Pluto in Scorpio

People who have Pluto in Scorpio are emotional people. The heart rules rather than the head. These people tend to react emotionally and are sensitive to the feelings of others. You will find that they would normally like to take up such activities that require emotional involvement. They need to be a bit more practical in their daily lives. Being emotional all the time will prevent you from taking the right decisions as one has to look at things from a distance. Emotional people need to exercise control for their own good.

You will not come across more intense people than them. These people have the gift of bringing things out of the closet and into the light. They like to fight for human rights. Through their efforts and talent they can make the unconventional become accepted. They are the kind of people who would be interested in topics such as the occult, the mind, genetic engineering, sex, death and even cloning. These people who are born in between 1735-1747 and 1983-1995 are referred to as the Generation Y.

People with Pluto in Scorpio may have dark thoughts sometimes. Rather than seeing the happy side of things they tend to focus more on the darker side of people and things around us. This may sound a bit weird, but it is true about them. Normally, they will be able to give you sound advice. These people believe that they know best in every situation.

The opposite of this also holds true as individuals born with Pluto in Scorpio are positive too. They refuse to see the negative side of things. This may cause them trouble as it may be too late for them to rectify the mistakes. They have the emotional courage and the deep understanding that other people do not possess. They are strong enough to admit their own mistakes and do not hesitate to say sorry to others if they have done something wrong. You may want such a person as a friend by your side.

You need to be careful of them as they can be a bit manipulative or controlling at times. They are the ones who question all the rules. They find status quo to be oppressive. They like to live life to the fullest as they have a passionate nature and want to experience as much as possible. No one can beat them in willpower. If they want they can gain immeasurable wealth and power in their lives.

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