Pluto in Sagittarius

The world witnessed significant changes in religion, world affairs, higher education and philosophy from November 1995 through most of 2009. You could say that people born with this star sign are the present generation that believes in changing the world. They are the adventurous lot who like to live on the edge, free-thinking people, expansive and have a keen interest in world affairs.

You will find that this generation comprises of visionaries who like to acquire knowledge for the betterment of humanity. They believe that it inspires humanity. This group of people may be born in the age of technology, but they will be able to see beyond that and will connect to the larger world. You will hardly be coming across natural seekers and dreamers like them.

American Revolution was about to begin when Pluto was in Sagittarius last. The revolutionary visionaries had a dream and they were willing to take the risks. Sagittarius also happens to be the sign of leaps of faith that will be good for the world at large as it can carry humanity forward with a surge. These people have a mind of their own and like to question everything.

Those born with Pluto in Sagittarius are people like to explore. When they have different experiences they have the ability to use any opportunities that are beneficial to them. The existing moral codes are challenged by the self confidence they have. As friends they are the best as long as their freedom is not hampered in any way. They have strong beliefs and see it as an extension of themselves. They pursue their goals in life with dedication and sincerity.

People born with this star sign are bold and non-conformist. They are constantly in search of new things. Generally optimistic about everything and do no like to see the darker side of things. If there are problems they would much prefer to face them and find solutions instead of running away. They are not super humans though and it is possible that may act foolishly at times. This can be their downfall so they need to be careful there.

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