Pluto in Leo

The generation that was born with Pluto in Leo focused on self expression. They are often referred to as War Babies and the Baby Boomers that believed in having their own identity. These people like in the past like to do their own thing. The period from 1939 to 1958 is when Pluto was in Leo and it gave birth to the generation that was never going to grow old. As these people grow old, they try to hold on to their youth and that is one of the reasons why there was an increase in the number of health clubs during those years.

The Pluto in Leo people are people who love to splurge on the things that are important to them. Everything else is not on their buying list. You will be surprised to find an interesting mix of people such as those who would live in a small house yet drive a big car and enjoy expensive vacation. And at the same time come across people who like to live in a big house and drive a small car, for example a beetle.

The generation with Pluto in Leo is known to make riots on the campus. Pluto in Leo will seldom like authority and will defy it always. They want to be the authority. The world saw significant transformations in areas such as leadership, music and sports in these years. These people are known to have intense will power, enormous confidence, power, creativity, take pride in what they do and possess exceptional dramatic ability. These people have become famous in their own fields.

Pluto in Leo often find themselves in situations that challenge them. This compels them to take positive action and helps them grow. They want to beLeaders and let people know about their pure motives. You can expect the best advice from them as they usually know what is best for everyone concerned. They would want to be appreciated for their sincere efforts. It will do them immense good if they could detach themselves from their goals a little so as to get some perspective. Because of this they tend to miss the big picture. You cannot beat them in enthusiasm and enthusiasm although they seem to suffer from egotism.

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