Pluto in Cancer

Pluto among all the other planets are considered the slowest moving one and is known to exert a generational influence as it enters the different zodiac signs. When there is Pluto in Cancer, you happen to be a part of a generation that can expect radical changes in areas such as home and family, food production and the role of women in society. People with Pluto in Cancer are generally patriotic; they go by intuition, love their families and are more aware of the social trends.

The generation that has Pluto in Cancer is the tenacious people that saw and lived through WWII. They survived the Great Depression and are the ones who seem to have endless trust and believe their government and its leaders wholeheartedly. They follow their religious leaders, social systems, etc. You will find that those born with Pluto in Cancer find their inner strength through emotional ties and serious relationships. They are extremely possessive towards their loved ones. These people normally try to control their emotions the best they can. They feel intensely about everything. They find it very difficult to let go of possessions and people. When they see that things are inevitable, it is then that they try to control how it ends.

People with Pluto in Cancer have childhood beliefs. It will not hurt them if they practice a little detachment in their lives. Those who have Pluto in Cancer are excellent people that can be healing, sensitive, nurturing, protective and caring. It is a delight to have them around with these qualities. Everyone will like to have friends like them. However, if they are your competitors, you need to be careful as they can also be responsible for escalating dangers as they want to stay one step ahead in the race. Due to their overprotective nature they like to protect the people they love. Family gives them the sense of belonging as they feel needed and wanted.

Astrologers say that individuals born when Pluto was in Cancer can feel their sense of security threatened as they have to go through many changes in their lives. If their needs are not met during childhood then it is possible that they may have compulsive emotional needs that need to be dealt with care.

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