Pluto in Aquarius

Aquarius is a sun sign, which is very independent and loves freedom. Every planet in the universe has its own impact and astrological influence in the sun signs. Among them Pluto being the slowest moving planet when makes house on some sign stays there for quite a long and hence put forth an influence, which is generational for that particular zodiac sign. Pluto in general spends almost 21 years (that can range from 12 to 31 years) in every zodiac sign impacting individual distinctly.

As Pluto being the king of changes moves to Aquarius zodiac, it brings lots of radical changes not in the personal front, but also as the worldwide scale. Considering the influence on personal front, Pluto will tend to make these people more progressive and inventive. They are not strangers to approaches and concepts that are unusual to others; they are known to be for their unconventional and indifferent nature. With the Pluto's movement, Aquarius will be transformed more unconventional in the matters regarding friends and charity.

They might also undergo drastic changes in an intellectual and social front. Pluto is expected to move and stay in Aquarius from the year 2023 to 2043. On the global front we can then expect to see a great deal of technological changes and hopefully a peace between different nations can be a reality during that time. The changes that undergo this period will tend to persist for long and can even terrorize the society foundation.

Pluto takes almost 248 years to complete it's full orbital transit. Last time it made house in Aquarius was in between 1777 to 1799. Even that time the individual rights and freedom were challenged by the French and American Revolution. Now when Pluto is expected to make its transition again in 2023 then also it is expected to influence issues like human rights and other global problems bringing them back to surface again. Aquarius people because of their groundbreaking and breakthrough ideas will also be able to bring radical changes in the field of Medicine and Science that will definitely affect humanity positively.

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