Neptune in Virgo

This rare combo of Neptune in Virgo indicates individuals’ inclination either towards healing sciences in the form of dietary habits & best practices in nutritional science or, they may like to serve the society by helping the poor & ensuring supply of food to the needy. Likelihood of these individuals becoming health counsellors is also very high. In a nutshell, things like mass benefit and wellness is their area of interest. 

Having a high attachment for the home and the family comes quite naturally in individuals having Neptune in Virgo. Their belief towards health and nutrition for general betterment can be exceedingly seen in the form of their love for naturopathy. They like to see this belief followed in their family as well. An optimistic thought process is as much important for them and forms part of their beliefs. In their ideology, a positive mind is a must for maintaining an emotional equilibrium and in leading a healthy life. They like to discuss this matter at length and to serve others with this ideology. 

They deeply understand principles of spiritualism and are sure to lead a qualitative life on the basis of these principles. Besides their concern about not consuming of food that is high in nutritional value, they are as much uneasy about risks from pollution and like to do something about the betterment of environment. 

Neptune in Virgo develops individuals who are high in ethics, very much aware of moral values and consequently, practicing those morals and ethics in their own life. For this reason, they may be seen as conservative individuals too. With this type of thought process, they are warned to be flexible and get accustomed to the changing norms. This way, they can establish a good connection between modernity and conventional style of thoughts.

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