Neptune in the Signs

Neptune in signs guides each individual and even whole generations towards their destiny. Extrasensory perception, illusions, fantasy, imagination and dreams all fall under the realm of Neptune. All those individuals who have a prominent Neptune in their signs will be drawn towards mysticism and other such spiritual pursuits. The chances of this happening are extremely high if Neptune is in Pisces. But apart from the many positive aspects of

the effect of Neptune on signs, there are negative ones too. It can also pull people into the dark side of drugs, alcohol, delusion and abnormality. Trickery, deceit and guilt are some of the unfavorable qualities of Neptune.

The effects of having Neptune in the signs will be different from one zodiac sign to the other. Neptune in Aries is filled with energy and urgency. They are often seen as very impressive individuals bursting with enthusiasm. They do not fear starting things from their imagination. But at the same time they may get deceived easily too on matters that are very passionate for them. Neptune in Taurus stat up slow but once started will keep on track until they achieve their goal. They can withstand obstacles and reach new heights. Those with Neptune in Gemini will be more interested in the areas of communication and education. They also believe in the good that exists in others. However, this can also make them targets for deception. Neptune in Cancer causes one to be very protective when it comes to matters of their home and sometimes even over protective. They also have a powerful imagination.

Neptune in the signs like Leo makes people create very impressive worlds with their imagination. They are almost able to fully immerse themselves in their dreams and imagination from time to time. They are also extremely loyal to their friends and family. Those with Neptune in Virgo are very idealistic. Sometimes they may even fail to see the reality with all the idealism. Neptune in Libra makes individuals under the sign diplomatic and harmonious when dealing with other people. They often dream about things related to fashion and music. Neptune in Aquarius tends to dream a lot, mostly about freedom and independence. They are extremely loyal to their beliefs and friends and might even appear eccentric to others. Neptune in the signs like Capricorn often dream about being rich and powerful and often get into the glamour industry like modeling, fashion and film.

Neptune in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Neptune in Aries
Neptune in Taurus
Neptune in Gemini
Neptune in Cancer
Neptune in Leo
Neptune in Virgo
Neptune in Libra
Neptune in Scorpio
Neptune in Sagittarius
Neptune in Capricorn
Neptune in Aquarius
Neptune in Pisces

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