Neptune in Taurus

When Neptune in Taurus union occurs, such an individual may be a passionate person, is too money minded and obsessed about love. His or her firmness displays in everything done and thus, cannot be deviated after he/she decides to do something. As such, these individuals go on crossing whatsoever obstacles come in their way and stop them from proceeding. Consequently, they accomplish their desired outcome in excess. People like to be in their company as exciting and generous mates. They might be quite imaginative in nature but are equally realistic in their approach. No wonder their hunger to enjoy materialistic gains and feel the solace of music & arts go hand in hand. Their attraction to beauty, be it in any form, shows off well in their character but they may also face negative influences due this liking deep down.  

In fact, an artistic approach can be seen through in everything they do, be it a building design, a write-up, a dish or some project related to environmental betterment. Beauty is an essential element for those having Neptune in Taurus, to show through in everyday tasks and that’s the way they want to lead their life. A weirdly produced work or untidily presented task frustrates them. 

Spiritualism is as much important for them. They may seem quite cynical about economical aspects of life. Their love for nature can show through in their liking to go places and they even don’t mind settling at different places. They adjust quite soon at a new place, especially if the place is naturally attractive because they enjoy the company of natural surroundings and its connection thereby, with the world within, to see getting expressed in the form verse. Neptune in Taurus union produces individuals who like to be appreciated for their artwork. 

In a nutshell, making a world of their thoughts and living in it can be seen as a fond liking of individuals having Neptune Taurus combo.

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