Neptune in Scorpio

Fearless, risk taking guys emerge in front of your eyes when Neptune in Scorpio is seen. Their interest in hidden or secretive sciences becomes quite evident and interestingly enough, their liking in spirituality is something to be felt deep down even if the pleasure comes from sexual fulfilment and other materialistic gains. These individuals can be considered as a rare blend of eastern and western cultures in terms of beliefs and thought processes. 

Individuals having Neptune in Scorpio are quite passionate from within and this continues to show off even in other facets of life. Their inclination towards supernatural studies becomes evident as they grow up but so far as religious beliefs are concerned, they need to separate practicality from perception. Their thought process is so that they find themselves into an argument and this may call for getting a psychic counsel. These individuals may appear unselfish to the world but at times they can be mean. 

Their interest largely revolves around the secretive kind of studies, supernatural world and spirit related matters. This penchant towards listening to intrinsic voice can make them ill tempered individuals. This is understood as oversensitivity which may result in getting them involved in alcoholism or addition to drugs. 

Though attached to materialistic gains, individuals having Neptune in Scorpio can be committed to society and concerned about the welfare of humanity. The positive aspect about their beliefs is that in spite of being too sexually inclined, they have faith that self-control can be learned with right application of spiritualism in life. 

But they are advised to stay in control of their misleading attachment to cosmic science because this may land them up in serious trouble. They may achieve something through so called cosmic powers but awareness to the dangers involved is very much desirable. 

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