Neptune in Sagittarius

Blessed with many psychic talents, individuals having Neptune in Sagittarius are high in intrinsic qualities and have a strong inclination towards developing their inner strength through spiritualism. This looks relevant too because they also have a deep understanding towards life. But being too sensitive, decision making may get often tough for these guys and may turn out to be a challenge for them. Going places is their hobby and getting to know about various religions, philosophies or cultures, makes them happy.  They have a great interest in sports and their idealism is inclined towards making great looking ideas. Individuals coming from Neptune in Sagittarius combo do possess their own idealism but this can get to such an extent that they unknowingly become tolerant which turns out to be a challenge in their life. However, their inner strength helps them cope up with such a challenge and not being misused by people around them. 

Thought process emerging out of individuals having Neptune in Sagittarius can be too pessimistic and if need be, they should consult psychic help to correct their thoughts. Association with religion and spiritualism along with a good guide may clear their vision and can even bring enlightenment in their life. This is important also because these individuals may have a tendency to know about secretive aspects and fantasize about dangers from aliens. Such misleading thoughts, though imaginative in nature, prove to be hazardous for these guys. 

Another word of caution for individuals having Neptune in Sagittarius in their horoscope is - they should look at life as a whole rather than feeling life to be only good or only bad. This one sided thought process needs to be changed either by self efforts or with someone’s help. Having this problem encountered, their positive aspect such as kind-heartedness may come up even openly. 

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