Neptune in Libra

Whenever Neptune in Libra is seen, partnerships and relationships are in focus. These individuals might have some of the best companions but they are required to deeply understand the value of commitment, adjustment and the habit to forgo in an ongoing companionship or relationship. They are often required to align themselves internally to see the results expected out of this association. These are emotional people with strong belief in spiritualism. As a result, they develop many relationships but at times, the relationship cannot be given a name they are involved in. So, probability of getting into an eccentric, unlawful or secret relationship is quite high. Moreover, if the individual is sensitive too, such a relationship can make him feeble and create distraction in life. That way, this combo of Neptune in Libra comes with a risk in that manner. 

Idealism of these individuals is such that many of their beliefs seem to be unrealistic. They continue with their school of thoughts with religion too, which leads them to take up only what they like. In this way, they themselves may get cynical about their beliefs and confuse perception with originality. Their inclination towards the teachings of religion looks good but without a concise aim in life, they may find themselves distracted from their path. 

Further, their perception continues about gaining excellence in life but here again, the word of caution they need practice, is about accepting the practical aspects of life and understanding that excellence does not come from perception but through consistent efforts. These individuals often lack a vision and look more concerned about short term losses than foreseeing future advantages. For those having Neptune in Libra, having a clear picture about future is reiterated or they may end up reaching nowhere. They must learn early that commitment and sacrifice are a prerequisite in practicing idealism. 

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