Neptune in Leo

Creativity is at its best and gets displayed in various forms of artwork such as movies, dramas, stage shows and other forms of art and design such as fashion or painting, as a counter-effect of Neptune in Leo. Attractive personalities get produced quite inevitably and these individuals impress people around them. Moreover, their flashy and lavish lifestyle itself becomes a centre of attraction and a talk of the town wherever they go. 

Overall they lead a contented life in terms of education, hobbies, social status, communal interactions, profession, etc. Neptune in Leo displays the kind-heartedness of individuals and as a result, they go along well with all kinds of people and successfully maintain good relationships. Themselves, they are quite romantic but may not necessarily succeed in love. Desires drag them in such a way that their heart rules over the mind. Challenges may frustrate them and they may become uneasy if they run short of necessary resources to cope up with a situation. 

Glamour attracts them and popularity catches their attention too often. Neptune in Leo mix drags people to build castles in the air and this may often surprise their companions because they will want them too to join their fantastic world. Here is a word of caution for these guys that they should be realistic in their approach when it is about real life matters and leave the imaginative world at the exit door of cinema hall.  

Having a motherly heart, Neptune in Leo individuals bear unstoppable love for children and they themselves carry a child can be seen in them till elderly ages. But being imaginative and having creative ideas, they can come up with solutions that can strangely surprise others. They lead their life under the perception that they have not been given their due respect and the admiration they deserve. However, they get their group of followers.

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