Neptune in Gemini

Displaying multitalented skills and expertise is the flair of individuals having Neptune in Gemini. Their professional liking grows up in the fields of education, upbringing of children and communication. Their ideology can impress many but being too obsessed about their beliefs; they often find themselves cheated by the world. Their skills in logic and reasoning make them good communicators and as such, they can be seen into similar professions as adults. 

Further to their inherent brainy qualities, they turn out to be good motivators and share their knowledge quite effectively, for the benefit of others. Their brilliance also facilitates them in learning predictive and secretive sciences and it is not surprising, if some of the individuals having Neptune in Gemini are exclusively blessed to sense positive or negative waves around them. This planet-zodiac combo makes good orators, writers or teachers and even mechanical world attracts them. Intelligent guys are not necessarily much focussed guys as their minds may have a tendency to wander and be pessimistic at times. Interestingly enough, individuals referred to here, fall prey to fraud practices or can actually get cheated by selfish motives of others. 

Individuals who are into writing can be seen to be producing excellent works of literature in the form of poems, novels, thrillers, etc. Their taste to supernatural powers gets displayed in their writings but this may also drag them to learn astrological science. Religious beliefs don’t match up with their school of thoughts and they put down those beliefs. Their intelligence can produce great results when applied but hard work is very much evident. Also a word of advice for individuals having Neptune in Gemini is intelligence should be applied to realistic targets and to seek specific and measurable results. Only then can they expect that their insights and wisdom comes in front of the world.

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