Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn produces individuals that have inborn leadership qualities and an ability to be handed over the job to control others while they themselves stay in power and gain higher success. They have a great inner drive to be positioned high and achieving the materialist gains. Having highly imaginative powers, they also know not only how to convert their thoughts into action but also produce money from their practical application. 

Individuals quite strong internally, they are quite focussed and there is nothing that can distract them from their path. If else there are any obstacles, they are also blessed to overcome them. Being focussed, they perfect the habit of collecting every bit of info required when they are given a project. But dishonesty also cannot be denied from these guys and they tend to leak secrets too. When inclined to get into such a tendency, individuals having Neptune in Capricorn may isolate themselves from others. 

Their interest shows through in art and literature as much as they tend to remain conventional and strictly adhered to ongoing traditions. They may also be confused guys or may not hesitate to get into criticism. Such an involvement may draw an opinion about them that such and such individual is unsympathetic towards others. That is a peculiar thing about Neptune in Capricorn. 

Being authoritative is also a natural aspect of such individuals and because of this, organizations like to have such people. Their passion about systematic work processes, responsible team and quality in services makes them good professionals. It should not be surprising if persons having Neptune in Capricorn are seen placed at senior levels. 

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